Python Tensorflow

Use Python Tensorflow for machine learnning

Machine learning using libraries such as tensorflow is about as fashionable as it gets in the computer science industry at the moment. It is a rapidly moving field and finding good tutorials and resources that are (a) current and (b) pitched for beginner programmers can be a challenge. Of the several I have received, this looks to be quite good - although you should only embark on something like this if you have several projects worth of experience already.

The written version of the above tutorial is on his github page. I recommend skim reading the github page as you watch the video.

Download and install these first:

Time codes in the video:

  • 1:54 Step 1. Install TensorFlow-GPU
  • 3:14 Step 2. Set up Object Detection directory and Anaconda virtual environment
  • 15:21 Step 3. Gather and label pictures
  • 18:35 Step 4. Generate training data
  • 20:16 Step 5. Create label map and configure training
  • 23:46 Step 6. Train object detector
  • 26:54 Step 7. Export inference graph
  • 27:45 Step 8. Try out your object detector!!

It might be worth checking the relevant reddit post as there are a couple of corrections to the tutorial (though mostly good reviews as well):