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Using this code to work with spritesheets is explained in this video: Learning Python 14: Sprite maps with PyGame

import pygame

def load_sprite_sheet_array(filename, rows, cols, offsetx, offsety):
    images = []
    SS = pygame.image.load(filename).convert_alpha()
    for col in range(0, cols):
        for row in range(0, rows):
            x = row*offsetx
            y = col*offsety
            image = pygame.Surface((offsetx,offsety), pygame.SRCALPHA).convert_alpha()
            image.blit(SS, (0, 0), (x,y,offsetx,offsety))
            images.append( image )
    return images

Copy and paste the above code into an empty Python file. Save it as To then use in your main program, add the following line at the top:

from spritesheet import load_sprite_sheet_array