Python Handbook

Resources for learning the Python (v3) programming language


This page has been reorganised around the content of my Python Handbook. At present I am giving printed copies of the handbook to my students... still trying to decide if I just want to post the PDF for the world to have.

Section 1: Python basics

Install Python


Section 2: Making games with Pygame

Install PyCharm
Unlike section 1 where you could use a variety of tools, the lessons and videos for section 2 are written around having Jetbrains PyCharm installed. In theory, you could use the simple editor that comes with Python from, but in reality it will make things more complicated as a beginner.


Section 3: Pygame project starters

Remember, these are not "complete" projets but intended as a starting point from which you can create your own game.

Section 4: Moving beyond the basics

Functions and modules


Read and write text files

Using JSON (and dictionaries)

Read and write over a network

Using a database (sqlite3)

Read data from a Web API

Create a simple web server (Flask)

GUI programming with Tkinter

Raspberry Pi GPIO

Bonus extras

Will add additional reference guides to topics that come up and aren't addressed in the handbook


For those just looking to tinker with the Python Turtle and are not using the Handbook. The turtle introduction is also intended to suit for younger students (such as Year 8s) who are opting-in to embrace a programming environment more challenging than Scratch but are a little intimidated by the idea of coding in a pure text environment. The turtle allows you to learn the basics through a graphical/visual system where you draw and animate various shapes on screen.

This pathway requires the IDLE program that comes with Python.

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