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Upon starting work at an IB World School, I soon discovered that the marking/grading requirements of the MYP and Diploma were quite unique. Not being satisfied with the digital tools at my disposal to manage this, I decided to create my own. In development, I took care to write the webapp in such a way such that other IB teachers could also make use of it. With the ideas in my mind for further expending on the features of the product, I expect it to keep me busy for some time yet. Take a look at Jigsaw Technologies used (or planned *) include: Courses

I use my website extensively for delivering teaching resources to my classes. Technologies used include:


Counts down until the end of the given lesson. Has an audible and visual warning when less than 3 minutes remain. Has the lesson times for ISL pre-programmed.

Demo of a chat application for my students

Chess game

Demo of an online chess game for my students

Pacman game

Demo of an online pacman game for my students

Youtube course: "Introduction to Javascript programming"

A series of videos I have been creating on YouTube (work in progress). Primary target audience is the after school Computer Science club I run.

Quadcopter drone

Back in 2012/13, I built a quadcopter drone based on an Arduino Mega processor, with on board GPS, gyroscope. Lots of fun!

Jigsaw Pastoral Care

A legacy application I created using PHP+MySQL that managed the Pastoral Care and related systems at the school I was working at (and was sold to 3 other schools).

Jigsaw Purchase Orders

A legacy application I created using PHP+MySQL that managed the purchase ordering process within the school I was working at. It enforced multi-layered approval protocols, and provided tools for individual budget holders to manage and track their spending.

Jigsaw Memberspoint

A legacy application I created using PHP+MySQL for clubs, churches and similar organisations to track their membership records, attendance to activity groups, financials etc.