11 Design Criterion A (Redo)

Revised requirements for those students instructed to re-submit their Criterion A

Criterion A (re-do)

Strand 1: Explain and justify the need

The computer gaming industry achieved revenue of $US 23.5 billion in 2017 in the USA alone. It is not a trivial industry that just depends upon making games because "people are bored".

What are the true underpinnings of this industry? What has caused it to grow to such a large scale? What are it's future prospects? Which people and companies are the ey players and what has caused them to be seperate from the rest? How would they describe their reason for being?


  • 200 words justifying the existance of the computer gaming industry and it's size and influence
  • At least 4 quality sources per game designer (ie: not counting wikipedia, quora etc)

Strand 3: Analyse existing products

You are to select at least three existing products from the list below, and research into the game and the person who built it. Find articles/videos containing interviews with the person, about the person, about the game.

  • John Romero - Doom, Wolfenstien and Quake
  • Shigeru Miyamoto - Mario, Donkey Kong
  • Toru Iwatani - Pac man
  • Sid Meier - Civilization, Railroad Tycoon and Pirates!
  • Satoshi Tajiri - Pokémon
  • Dave Jones - Lemmings, Grand Theft Auto, Body Harvest, Crackdown, AP8
  • Gabe Newell - Half-life, Counter-strike, Portal, Left 4 dead
  • Jason West - Call of duty

Some questions you may consider include:

  • What did they draw inspiration and ideas from?
  • The keys to successful game design?
  • Pitfalls/challenges to successful game design?
  • What importance did they place on the various aspects of a game (Characters, visuals, style, personality, story, sound) and why?


  • At least 200 words per game analysed
  • At least 4 quality sources per game designer (ie: not counting wikipedia, quora etc)

Strand 4

  • At least a 500 word summary on what you have learnt about building successful games


  • Provide proper referencing for your sources