11 Design

MYP Year 5 Digital Design, a preparation for DP Computer Science

11 Design Mascot 2


Statement of inquiry for unit 1:
Software development is an iterative process that allows one to express functionally innovative solutions to existing problems.

Statement of inquiry for unit 2:
Digital technologies are in a state of constant innovation, allowing new functionality for software development.

Key concept:

Related concepts:
Function, innovation

Global context:
Personal & cultural expression

Unit 1: Introduction to programming

This unit will introduce students to the Python programming language. The first 6 or so weeks will be based on introductory programming skills.

After the introductory programming exercises, students will progress through the design cycle to build their first program. Students can use the code samplers available on the Python resources page to get their project started and be assessed on the enhancements they make.

Criterion D: Evaluation

Students will create a narrated screen‐cast video recording to demonstrate and evaluate the functionality of their final product.  Specifically the video should:

  • Introduce your final product and its overall purpose (maximum 30 seconds)
  • For each individual design specification success criteria (from Task 5 or Criterion B strand 1)… (about 30 seconds each?)
    • Introduce the success criterion
    • Demonstrate that the criterion has/has not been achieved on the video
    • Discuss any pertinent challenges faced in meeting that criterion
    • Discuss any possible improvements you could make to the product in relation to that criterion
  • Conclude by discussing: (about 60 to 90 seconds)
    • Who your client / target audience for the product was (age/gender/income/culture/language/education…)
    • The overall usefulness/value of your final product to your client / target audience.
    • Either a quote or two from representatives of your client / target audience expressing their thoughts on your final product (either have them speak in the video or you read their quote to the video)
  • Use a combination of voice over narration, text headings on screen, and screen recording video.

This is being assessed holistically against the entirety of Criterion D which consists of:

  • Creating tests
  • Conducting tests
  • Discussing improvements
  • The impact of the product on the proposed client/audience

Please refer to the marking scheme for Criterion D for more information.

Unit 2: Introduction to programming 2

Some videos I think are really interesting and would make good research for your Criterion A:

While I have a template for design folios available, by Year 11 you should (ideally) be creating your own according to your own tasks. So, with that in mind, you have complete autonomy over the style of presentation: you can make it with slides, videos, an e-folio website or other creative idea. Just be careful that you still thoroughly address everything the assessment criteria is looking for. You may still want to grab a copy of my template and use it like a checklist to make sure you cover everything.