08 Design: Coding: Learn Scratch

The adventures of Mike

If you are going to use Scratch, you should work your way through the following tutorial guide. Make sure to complete the homework/exercises in the book and fill out the "What you've learnt" box after each section. You will have to submit the various exercises to show you have done them.

I will provide printed copies of the book for students opting for Scratch, but here is the digital copy as a backup.

The adventures of Mike tutorial

1.1 Encounter a spaceship (importing and adjusting sprites & backdrops)
1.2 Locate the coordinate (Scratch coordinate system)
1.3 Self introduction (using: say, goto, glide, move, wait)
2.1 First exploration (Paint editor)
2.2 Auto fly (switch backdrops, rotation style, if on edge bounce, forever loop)
2.3 Successful flying (when key pressed event)
3.1 Magical pen (pen down, pen up, pen colour, pen size)
3.2 Polygon with fun (turn degrees, repeat X times, division, subtraction)
3.3 Open the time portal (create function blocks)
4.1 Fly with Mike (maze activity)
4.2 Pass through the maze with tactics (if then, touching colour, if then else, key X pressed, not, and, or)
4.3 Successful escape (stop all, touching sprite)
5.1 In the forrest of change (switch backdrops)
5.2 Smart Mike (broadcast msg, receive msg event)
5.3 Transformation of Mike (Broadcast message practice)
6.1 Dancing Indians (Switch costume, next costume)
6.2 Happy performer (set intrument, play note, set volume; list add, insert, delete, replace, length; variables)
6.3 Carnival in the forrest (play a song exercise)
7.1 Volcano of candies (create clone, when clone event, delete clone, pick random number)
7.2 Catch the candies #1 (catch the candies exercise with scores)
7.3 Harvest (timer, reset timer)
8.1 Magical camera (turn video on, video transparency, applying webcam motion to a sprite)
8.2 Catch the candies #2 (use webcam to catch falling candies)
8.3 Avoid the aliens (use video motion to control Mike)
9. Final battle (cumulative exercise)