08 Design: Coding

Are you ready to make an app? Or perhaps your own video game? Then this is the unit for you!


Statement of inquiry:
Software development is a creative process used to create functional apps with marketable value.

Key concept:

Related concepts:
Function, markets & trends

Global context:
Personal & cultural expression

Learning a programming environment

Your programming options

You have the opportunity to create your project using either Scratch, Thunkable, or Python. Not sure which language to choose? Compare the languages and try a sample exercise for each.

Programming lessons

Complete the introductory tutorials and exercises for your choosen language.

Criterion A: Investigation

Some questions to consider:

  • What market opportunities exist for new apps?

  • What does it mean for software to be marketable?

  • How could you ensure your software project is marketable?

  • Be sure to check my MYP Design folio template to ensure you thoroughly cover everything needed for your grade.

Assessment Criteria

Criterion B: Develop ideas

How do the pros design a game? Watch an interview with the maker of Mario

Choosing a project
You may either:

  • Design & build the project you described in Criterion A;
  • (Python students) Use one of the sample projects as a starter and extend from that;
  • Design & build something new

The point: you do not have to do what you wrote about in Crit A!

Project teams
You may either do a solo project or team up in pairs.

  • If you work in pairs, you will be assessed accordingly (it's not a case of pair up and do half the work).
  • If both you and your proposed partner got at least 6 for the semester 1 projects, you can choose your own team and project.
  • If you got less than 6 for semester 1, I must approve you being in a team and your project idea. The aim of this is to ensure you choose a project and team situation that is best suited to you getting at least a 6 this time.

Folio templates and checklists
You can either create your design folio based off my template, or you are welcome to create your own. If you make your own, you have complete autonomy over the style of presentation: you can make it with slides, videos, an e-folio website or other creative idea. Just be careful that you still thoroughly address everything the assessment criteria is looking for. You may still want to grab a copy of my template and use it like a checklist to make sure you cover everything.

Blanks for your design sketches

Assessment criteria

Due date
To be advised

Criterion C: Create the solution

Remember, criterion C is not just creating your product. You still have to plan your time and resources usage, and discuss changes you make to your design along the way.

Due date
To be advised

Criterion D: Evaluation

Time to reflect on your successes!

Due date
To be advised