08 Design: Coding

Are you ready to make an app? Or perhaps your own video game? Then this is the unit for you!


Statement of inquiry:
Software development is a creative process used to create functional apps with marketable value.

Key concept:

Related concepts:
Function, markets & trends

Global context:
Personal & cultural expression

Criterion A: Investigation

Some questions to consider:

  • What market opportunities exist for new apps?
  • What does it mean for software to be marketable?
  • How could you ensure your software project is marketable?

Criterion A assessment outline

Learning a programming environment

You have the opportunity to create your project using either Scratch, Thunkable, or Python.

Not sure which language to choose? Compare the languages and try a sample exercise for each.

Complete a series of introductory tutorials and complete the challenge exercises along the way. Select the language for the relevant tutorials and exercises:

Complete your coding challenges to submit.

Criterion B: Develop ideas

Criterion B assessment outline

Criterion C: Create the solution

Criterion C assessment outline

Criterion D: Evaluation

Assessment outline available soon

Criterion D assessment outline