08 Design

MYP Year 2 Digital Design for 8SB and 8KF in 2017/18

08 Design Robotics Pic 01

Welcome to the Year 8 Digital Design course.

This course is an introduction to the concept of computer programming. We use and depend on computers every day, not just the laptops we carry to class, but the phones in our pockets, the GPS in cars, the traffic lights in the streets, the money in our bank accounts and in so many aspects of our lives. It is important to have an understanding how these complex machines function and become something that society has agreed to depend upon so much.

The course will use a combination of two websites. You will use this site for accessing resources from the teacher, and Google Classroom for submitting your work. All assessment work must be submitted digitally through Google Classroom, no paper based submissions will be accepted (except where special circumstances warrant and are approved in advance).

The draft schedule basically splits the course into semester 1 being for an introduction to programming through Lego EV3 robotics, and semester 2 will be growing your programming skills through making a game or similar app. I have some expectations for how students approach this course, please be familar with them. With that, let's get started...

Course units