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Paul Baumgarten
Photo Paul Baumgarten

G'day and welcome!

I am a Secondary Computer Science and Mathematics teacher currently at the International School of Lausanne in the beautiful Lac LĂ©man (Lake Geneva) region of Switzerland. I was previously based in Perth, Western Australia where I was raised.

As a Computer Scientist, I like to keep current with industry and generally either have a programming project running on the side or am in the search for one. I consider myself a full stack developer with my current preferred tools being Javascript, Node.js, HTML5, and SQL technologies. Past commercial projects have used PHP and C# .NET. I'm also proficient in Java, Processing, and Arduino C amongst other technologies.

In addition to hosting a professional portfolio, this site exists to host various unfinished projects that I need an online space for. Some are publicly viewable (for use by my students etc) but many are not.

Whether you are here because you have to be (ie: a student of mine), or are just looking to develop your Computer Science or programming skills, I wish you well on your journey! Computer Science is a fascinating industry of unending change and learning. There are so many exciting technologies emerging at the moment, it is a great time to learn CS!

Paul Baumgarten
April 2017